With two powerful product data tools combined

Collect product data and updates directly from your vendors, then clean and normalize the data via automated data transformation tools.

  • Saving you up to 90% of the time you spend managing product data
  • Making it easy to get your full range of thousands or millions of products listed online

A centralized tool for creating, managing and distributing high quality product data, at a price that won't break the bank.

  • Increase sales by an average of +22% within 6 months of on-boarding
  • Reduce product management labour costs by 40-60%

Significantly improve customer experience with rich product listings

Increase sales velocity through powerful online merchandizing tools  

Save hours, days or months of work by automating the tasks previously done manually with data entry and spreadsheets  

Priced from only $1000 per month

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How it works

Vesta will collect product data and updates directly from your vendors through the following methods

 API connection from your vendors directly to you

Supplier portal for vendor data upload

Scraping of vendor websites

Then the incoming data is taken through the below 3 step process to clean and normalize it ready for connection to the Jasper PIM lite

Map & Merge the incoming data


Translate the data based on custom rules

eg. 3pc > 3 piece set

Identify errors through data validation

eg. product code cannot be empty

Create unique listings that stand out from the crowd.  

Save hours of manual work. 

A high functioning PIM to drive eCommerce sales at a price everyday retailers can afford

Improve site navigation

With advanced categorization to make it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for.

Cross-sell Up-sell and Bundle

Your products online to increase your sales by up to 20%

Drive sales volume

With automated promotional pricing and scheduling across channels.

Widen your reach

With multi-language and multi currency

Onboard new products

With ease, with collaborative workflow tools

Integrate seamlessly

With your ERP, CRM, shipping and fulfilment 

On average clients see, +15% increase in online sales conversions  

+3x time to market for new products

Vesta and Jasper are fully integrated, with the PIM lite accesible within the Vesta platform

We offer three plans to suit your business size - so we can scale with you as you grow

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